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Dimitris Ι. Kapetanakis - Dermatologist / Venereologist - Fraxel Laser



It is an injected protein dilusion that hinders the transportation of the signals that provoke the involuntary muscle contraction, soothes the muscles that make the wrinkles, providing thus a more refreshing and relaxed appearance. It is used to eradicate wrinkles, mainly on the forehead, the space between the eyebrows, and the goose leg (laugh wrinkles at the outer eye corner).

Approximately 3 therapies are needed at the first year and then usually every 6 months.

The first results are visible on the thrid or fourth day and the best results after 20 days.

Rarely are there side-effects, though mild and reversible after 2-3 weeks.

If the therapy is halted, the face will gradually return to its former state.


The implants are injected materials, with a natural aqueous skin element, the hyaluronic acid, as their main substance. They are placed underneath any wrinkle and fix it. The results vary from 8 to 12 months.

The hyaluronic acid is a natural product, so it does not cause allergies. There are no side-effects reported and the treatment is halted, the skin returns to its prior state.


Peeling is a serious medical operation which demands special experience as in the selection of the substance that will be used, as in the way that is applied and the time that will remain on the skin.

There are surface peelings, mainly for skin cleansing, removing the smegma and the black spots, as well as medium or deep peelings, to eradicate wrinkles, rejuvenate the skin, beautify scars, etc.

Peelings are not adviced to apply to those with a very dark complexion, people who recently used retinoids (acne medicins), who have herpes and people whose skin tends to create chiloids (overgrown scars).


As someone ages, his skin reduces the collagen production and natural peeling minimizes. Thus, his skin looks blurred and tired.

The dead cells are removed thanks to a microcrystal-appliance, which causes hyperaemia and rises the body temperature, which in return stimulates the collagen production.

This method is painless, the patient can immediately return to his daily activities and the sessions have a 10-15-day gap between them.